Leadership Project

Fidelia Agwuncha

Fidelia Agwuncha, a news reporter and anchor with TV360 Nigeria, became more conscious of the lack of basic reporting skills in interns, and the gender gap in reportage in her newsroom as a result of the FRLP Fellowship training. She thereafter committed to changing the orientation of young female journalists in her newsroom, particularly interns.She trained the interns on how to use new media for accurate news reporting and how to create gender balance in script writing and programme contribution. She also ensured that people with special needs were included. For Fidelia Agwuncha, the fellowship programme has helped her go beyond being an ordinary news writer and anchor to seeking to be a game changer. She has been able to contribute to mainstreaming gender in her organisation’s reporting.


Fidelia in her story “Women Challenging the Stereotype in Commercial Driving” examined female commercial drivers, their motivation and challenges. Female commercial driving, though not often a common sight is the reality of some women who have taken on the role of the breadwinner of the house. In her story, she highlights their major challenges which are trust and funds. She believes the story would go a long way to tell women that they are not limited by their gender, but only by their minds, and can do whatever they put their heart to. She also believes it will positively influence children, who are most times with their mothers to dream big without limitations.

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