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Queen Esther Iroanusi
Queen Esther Iroanusi

QueenEsther Iroanusi

Stemming from the urge to catch them young, Queen Esther Iroanusi, a journalist with Premium Times, took an exemplary path to empowering the students of Government Secondary School, Karu East with leadership skills, paying keen attention to self-esteem, communication skills, and personal hygiene. She conducted an evaluation assessment for the students at the end of the programme, and coincidentally, the winner was a girl. Her newsroom also reverberates the impact of the leadership programme as she became a leading voice of a gender balanced report and representation in newsrooms.

‘Period Poverty’, the common phrase that explains the despicable state some teenage girls and even adults find themselves during their monthly menstrual cycle, was deeply looked into by Queen Esther Iroanusi in her story project titled “With Government Failing, Nigerian Youth Take Over Fight Against Menstrual Period Poverty”. The story uncovers the plight of teenage girls who cannot afford sanitary towels, hence resorted to unhygienic options. The story also brings to fore how the government has ignored several calls to end all taxes on sanitary products. However, youths across the country in various groups and NGOs have taken it upon themselves to strive to reduce period poverty among girls, especially in the rural communities by making these products available. The story has since attracted positive attention as some lawmakers have promised to tackle the issue on the floor of the senate. Also, youth advocates are encouraged to keep up the good work with alleviating period poverty in their communities.

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