Leadership Project

Godiya Daniel
Godiya Daniel

Godiya Daniel

Brought to the consciousness of the gender imbalance in the media, following the Female Reporters’ Leadership Programme, Godiya Daniel of NTA Yola took it upon herself to encourage female participation and involvement in newsroom leadership.

Her leadership project had the broad scope of mentoring prospective female leaders in the newsroom, addressing the issue of gender mainstreaming in news reportage and channelling the course of women in the society. She mentored eleven female interns in her station for over two months.

Godiya said, “I involved my senior colleagues, my head of department, as well as the only female management staff in my station. Their contributions added value because all they talked about was purely from experience. The interns became more confident as a result.”

Godiya, who said some of the interns wished they were not going back to school, plans to continue mentoring the interns, through a Whatsapp group she has created. She also plans to involve newsroom staff in the training, as top officers in her broadcasting station advised.

Story Project

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