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Faith Yahaya
Faith Yahaya

Faith Yahaya

Having undergone the FRLP training, Faith Yahaya, a reporter with the Abuja Bureau of The Nation Newspaper said she realised that leaders are meant to identify problems and then solve them. This realisation was the birthing of several journalism-related solutions for Faith.

First, Faith noticed that older Editorial staffs in her organisation experienced much difficulty in filing their reports electronically. She took them through the use of social media such as twitter and Text Fairy, thereby making the report filing process much easier.

As she could not keep the benefits of the WSCIJ training to herself alone, she organised a step-down training for about 10 female journalists in and outside her media house, to share the FRLP lesson learned. The training focused on how female journalists can thrive in the male dominated profession.

According to Faith, “With the social media training, the older editorial staff now do their jobs faster; they are able to share the links of their stories and columns with friends from the newspaper’s website. This increased the traffic to our website.”

The step-down training has also brought the female journalists closer, in the anticipation that excellence would be promoted among them.

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