Leadership Project

Amina Alhassan
Amina Alhassan

Amina Alhassan

From her pinnacle as an editor with Daily Trust Newspaper, Amina Alhassan was concerned that the interns with her media outfit were merely warming the seats and not profitably engaged. In response, she decided to focus her leadership project on training the interns.

She allotted two hours to train the interns three times per week for one month. Although, it was not convenient, given that other tasks begged for her attention, she went to field with the interns. She also taught the interns to think about story ideas on their own and discuss same with her or the head of other desks. Amina was able to bring other editors to also encourage the interns about the profession.

Following the intervention, many of the interns have identified and discussed good story ideas and pitches with the head of various desks in Daily Trust Newspaper.

“The project has been approved to be handled by me for every intern; so, it is a continuous project. Kudos to Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism for making this happen.”Amina said.

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